The "Rona" got people acting like it's the last days

Author: M Gunn-Foster

Published: Mar 18th, 2020

The Corona Virus also known as COVID-19

It seems to me that people are in a panic state and have read too much into the Rona and have gone mad. I work in the infection prevention dept. at my job, which I will keep the company’s name discreet, and we are already working remote. According to the stats, COVID-19 is spreading 2x as fast. Although I am totally fine with working remotely all of this chaos has got me wondering.

Topic # 1: Grocery Shopping

What am I supposed to be preparing for? Is this the part in the apocalyptic movie where it starts to get real intense when people are dying out in the public, and the military are going to start shooting infected people? Are people going to start turning into “walkers”? No, seriously I need answers. People are buying food & water like there’s no electricity or running water in their homes! I am so confused, I literally had to Google, “Preparing for an apocalypse, what food to buy” Once I snapped myself back into reality while I was reading the “apocalyptic food suggestions” I started to notice how my kids will never eat this kind of crap! How in the world will we survive!? And why aren’t the grocery stores staying ahead of the game? If the grocery store analytics team were compliable enough with updating their statistics on how fast food is being bought maybe none of us would be panicking as much. I have never in my entire life seen the grocery store not have my go to’s: long grain white rice, bottled water, baby wipes and toilet paper. I am so disgusted on how sick people are being in this type of predicament as well, buying the most needed items in bulk and reselling the same items to the needy for a hefty price. If none of you have been taking notes on this current pandemic, you should start because in a real life situation it appears to me that nobody was prepared.

Topic # 2: Fine Dining

Usually once per week my husband and I like to dine out, and this past Sunday we picked our favorite Italian restaurant. We didn’t think to call ahead of time, well because we never do, we usually are able to be seated quickly. We show up to get turned right around to the “order for pickup” line that just so happened to have 15 people already waiting for their food to be done. Since I was not informed about this new restaurant virus prevention practice, I googled, “corona virus and dine in restaurants” obviously just two days prior it had been announced that dine in restaurants will remain open for pick up and possibly delivery services if offered. I could not wrap my head around the fact that I not only couldn’t find water, but now I can’t even escape, this new “Rona” virus was following me everywhere.

Topic # 3: Travel

Unfortunately because of the “Rona” I have to sacrifice not going to my best friends wedding who is to be wed in May. I made that decision because I have a family that depends on me. I cannot afford to be quarantined in another state although I see people getting on planes left and right via social media. I just look at those people like they must have nothing to lose. Not to mention the deals on flights are remarkable right now. I saw a round trip flight on Delta’s website from Las Vegas McCarran Airport to Chicago Midway Airport for $196, usually that trip costs almost $500! The savings are amazing, but it is too much of a risk for me to travel. If you’re into the risky lifestyle, why not take a chance.

Final Topic: Interest Rates

Ladies and gentlemen if you are in the market for a new home please make that move now! When the “Rona” had it’s first confirmed positive case in the United States the very next day federal officials announced that interest rates have been cut to almost half. Click here to read the full story Just yesterday it was as low as 2.8%. As of now it is teetering between 3.4 to 3.8 percent. I have a friend that had been in the home buying market since November 2019 and just locked in her interest rate at 3.2%. The interest rates do differ depending on the loan offered. My friend went with the FHA Loan (Federal Housing Association) in which they help with down payment assistance. Although the interest rates are low please be mindful of the type of bank loans offered. NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) is the best home loan program out there. They cover the down payment, closing costs, buy down your interest rate and more, check out their website by clicking here:

In the mean time scroll down and check out some of the most ridiculously disturbing photos taken in the past week. The “Rona” has definitely taken over.

The innocent are suffering

Toilet paper shortage

Shoppers attacking Costco

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