Morgan Foster
Wife & Mom of 3
Professional Writer, Blogger Cert. Aromatherapy & Herbal Specialist
Cert. Pharmacy Technician
My heart is so full, I love them although they drive me crazy sometimes, always.

Hey! It’s Morgan the creator of & also known as


Who does she think she is? I’m sure that’s exactly what ran through your minds, that or something similar. I knew the name would draw attention, positive attention is the intention. A married mom is something that I have become, the title is a part of who I am now. Although I am a married mom, I support divorced and single moms. I support the race of women in general, it would be silly if I didn’t. I am also not a bias blogger, I respect the men as a race as well.

This blog will not be about my life, it will be about knowledge I have acquired about natural product medicinal uses, aromatherapy, natural hair, parenting and more!

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