The Amazing Benefits of Baking Soda

Hello Baking Soda! For the next few paragraphs I will be educating you fine intelligent people on the rewarding benefits of baking soda. I have been a part of so many conversations with co-workers and have been given the funny eye in regards to me using baking soda to brush and whiten my teeth. Regardless of what people say or how they look at me I totally understand their lack of optimism in regards to exploring alternative ways of doing what you usually would pay the dentist and your primary care physician to do. Why not save a trip through the urgent care line? Better yet get you relief before you can get an appointment with your PCP in two weeks! Please proceed with further medicinal information about baking soda.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

I am so sorry you feel miserable right now and I hope that you will get relief fast from my home remedy using baking soda as the main ingredient to treating a UTI also known as urinary tract infection.

UTI (urinary tract infection) Home Remedy

Many women would not believe me, but honey please understand I could never write something and not have experimented with it at least twice.

What You Will Need

  1. 2 teaspoons of baking soda per 16-ounce bottled water
  2. 4 required bottles of water
  3. OTC (over the counter) urinary comfort capsules (ask the pharmacist)
  4. OTC Ibuprofen 200mg tablets (name brand/generic) if you’re experiencing lower back pain or abdominal cramping
  5. Concentrated Cranberry Juice
  6. Funnel


Use funnel to pour baking soda into bottled water, add lemon or a natural flavor to your liking. Shake the bottle once BS water is tightly sealed and finalized. You can drink cool or room temperature, no ice. Repeat every 12 hours for 48 hours and the symptoms of the UTI should pass.

Vaginal Abscess

Please make sure before using this method that your bathtub is clean and free of dirt and chemicals. The method works best when you are already sitting in the bathtub, allow the warm water to fill up to right above your knee.

What You Will Need

  1. 1 cup baking soda
  2. 1 cup apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  3. Bathtub
  4. Warm water
  5. Lavender oil
  6. Heating pad


Pour ACV and baking soda into the bath water and sit until the abscess is penetrated and relieved. Tingling and burning may occur and that just means the abscess is being attacked, which is a good thing. If you cannot tolerate the sensation remove yourself or run more bathwater to water the mixture down, (add water as needed).

Dry off with freshly cleaned towel, moisten your skin, apply lavender oil on abscess in circular motion. I do not recommend wear underwear while at home during this process. Wear light cotton underwear if you are unable to home heal. Set heating pad to medium and apply to abscess through out the process of healing.

Dead Dry/Cracked Skin

Dry, cracked feet? Read below…

What You Will Need

  1. 1 cup baking soda per foot
  2. 1 cup sugar per foot
  3. Pumice stone
  4. Bath water
  5. Shea butter


I recommend soaking your feet in moderately warm to hot water 15 to 20 minutes prior to scrub. While soaking, use pumice stone to pre-soften the feet. Make a paste using BS, sugar and shea butter. Pour paste in your hand and start scrubbing one foot at a time. Do this for each foot, scrub problem areas, use as needed. Rinse feet, lightly dry feet with towel and apply shea butter, a thick creamed moisturizing lotion or sunscreen.


Whiteheads and blackheads are so annoying and can be a burden for you and anybody who feels like they’ve tried everything out there! I was once a victim of acne and it was not fun. I wish I would have known what I know now. Glad to share it with you all.

Whitehead Treatment

What You Will Need

  1. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  2. 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  3. Lavender oil


Use a small glass bowl and mix a teaspoon of BS of ACV (apple cider vinegar) and mix, add water as needed. Dip fingers into mixture and apply to whitehead(s) let sit for a few minutes, burning may occur, but that just means it’s working. If you cannot tolerate the burning please wash off with cool water, and next time water the solution down to be more tolerable. After allowing the mixture to sit for a few minutes or however long tolerable, wash off with cool water and dry. If the area is inflamed use your fingers to rub lavender oil on the whitehead, gently in a circular motion until pain in area subsides. Repeat this method until whiteheads have passed.


What You Will Need

  1. ½ teaspoon baking soda
  2. 2 pumps facial cleanser
  3. Coconut oil


Wet your face, pour BS into the palm of your hand, add facial cleansing soap, mix in your hands and apply to your face. Scrub problem areas, if you have oil that is trapped deep, for instance by the ear area, scrub area until tolerable or satisfied. Area will be red when you wash your face with cool water and dry. Apply coconut oil and moisturize as needed. Repeat this method until blackheads have passed.

            The last and my most favorite home remedy, of course, you guessed it, with using baking soda is brushing my teeth with it. I simply have a tiny glass bowl I bought from a beauty supply for a few bucks in the mixing bowls section. I pour BS in the bowl, I either use coconut oil as the paste or non-fluoride toothpaste, then dip my toothbrush into the BS and begin brushing. I will advise you to have some lip lubricant nearby after you brush because baking soda can leave your lips dry. The results are amazing and my oral health is in great shape, I receive compliments about how white my teeth are all the time.

If you have your own remedy that includes baking soda leave a comment below, I’d love to hear lots of feedback and do not hesitate to ask away.

Thank you for taking the time out to read, take care.




I am not a licensed healthcare provider, understand these are home remedies and will be used with your own discretion. I can assure you these methods worked for me and may not work for everyone. Please understand that if your symptoms persist please seek medical attention.

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